Just an inspiration.... Adapting natural scientific figures to communication

Nature is perfect in many ways. Animals are "constructed" to perfectly cope with their surroundings and living circumstances. They possess colors that protect them and physical attributes that aid in their survival. The entire concept of the natural setting demonstrates simple yet highly effective means of standardization. Mathematicians and astronomers learned from early on to use these perfect measures to build pyramids, navigate seas, and construct new things.

The circle is one of these perfect measures: it is continuous, it is stable, it is predictable. As a wheel, it can carry loads and facilitate movement. As a planet, it can protect and build a stable environment. Circular movement can reveal all aspects of a situation. In relationships, it symbolizes a closed and secure system, exemplified by a ring.

Why not, then, learn from nature and apply its constants? Although communication is not as precise as physics, it makes sense to seek standardization within it. The complex interaction between sender and receiver should always occur in a stable and reliable environment—so that relationships can build up with trust and understanding. Thus, stability is a perfect application of the circular concept to corporate communications.

Just as an inspiration.... 

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