The first day of 2. AMEC European Measurement Summit in Barcelona, 16.-18.6.2010

The first day of the AMEC Summit is almost over. More than 200 attendants from 30 countries meet and discuss new and old ways of evaluating communication effects in the beautiful city of Barcelona. The presentations of this morning showed the new trends and rules:
  • Communication is managed and planned very professionally and evaluation is well integrated! (At least in the presented case studies!)
  • The "Social Media" revolution has just started: "Compared the French Revolution Marie Antoinette is still sitting having her five o'clock tea," so Fernando Vilà from Havas. Nobody can yet tell where it will take us.
  • Users are much more powerful. Effects and reactions of them cannot be predicted nor controlled. Networking creates influence and power for anybody.
  • Brands and products are losing importance, because differences are vanishing. Companies need to be and act (not only say they are) socially responsible to convince the public and to be recognized.
  • Social media require you to listen, think, talk and thus build up trust in your constituencies. You need to be true about what you say and do.
  • Evaluation does give you real benefit and shows you how to improve and what to change.

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